One of the top 5 boarding schools in West Bengal, Sri Sri Academy offers an entire school experience covering various components, from extracurricular activities to academic structure. Sri Sri Boarding School is a school that routinely produces outstanding outcomes in academics, athletics, and extracurricular activities. This school, centrally located in West Bengal, is a tribute to the founders' dedication to high-quality education and the development of complete persons.

Academic Excellence

High academic standards have consistently been maintained at Sri Sri Boarding School. The school uses a strict curriculum that integrates traditional understanding with modern methods of instruction. Dedicated and highly skilled professors are essential to ensuring that learners have a thorough and meaningful educational experience. One of the main factors contributing to Sri Sri Boarding School's reputation as one of the top 5 boarding schools in West Bengal is its commitment to academic effectiveness. 

Here, we'll look at the factors that contribute to life at this renowned school being genuinely fulfilling.


Our boarding facility at Sri Sri Academy is more than simply a place to rest; it's a place where kids make long-lasting connections and learn essential abilities for life. We are one of West Bengal's top 5 boarding schools. We give students an atmosphere of safety so they are able to focus on their studies and personal development.           


Our institution, which is rated as one of the top 5 boarding schools in West Bengal, promotes the value of creativity. The presence of music, dance, painting, and craft in the curriculum encourages pupils to explore their artistic interests, which helps them develop balanced personalities.


Sri Sri Academy, sports and physical activity are extremely important. Modern sports facilities and an emphasis on taking part in a variety of sports, which build teamwork, leadership, and a spirit of healthy competition among students, support the school's ranking as one of the top 5 boarding schools in West Bengal.


Sri Sri Academy's infrastructure, one of the hallmarks of being among the top 5 boarding schools in West Bengal, is designed to provide students with a conducive learning environment. Spacious classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, a vast library, and modern sports facilities create a safe and inspiring campus for students.


Sri Sri Academy strengthens its place among the top 5 boarding schools in West Bengal by offering students modern laboratories for a variety of subject matter.

DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test):

Sri Sri Academy places an immense price on understanding each student's particular skills and aptitudes. A student's multiple intelligences can be determined with the DMIT, allowing for the creation of tailored educational strategies that can help them develop their skills.


Our Classroom has been designed to encourage effective learning. We give students a standard education and provide them an exciting environment in which they can participate in their studies


With a view to meeting the nutritional requirements of our students, Sri Sri Academy, one of West Bengal's top 5 boarding schools, provides a varied and nutritious food menu.


Our students have no trouble getting from their homes to the school because of Sri Sri Academy's transport choices. Students who live outside the neighborhood of this top 5 boarding school in West Bengal might especially take advantage of this service.


Sri Sri Academy, offers a curriculum which is comprehensive as well as in line with contemporary educational standards. We take care of students' overall development, which is why we are one of the best 5 boarding schools in West Bengal. We promise that students will not only succeed academically but also progress into responsible individuals.

Academic Structure:

Among the top 5 boarding schools in West Bengal, Sri Sri Academy is divided into several departments to accommodate students of all ages and educational backgrounds:

The Boond—The Foundation School segment offers a solid foundation for young students' educational journeys and is tailored for their needs.

Primary School: The primary school programme establishes a solid educational foundation by concentrating on the development of essential academic skills.

Middle School: Students continue to increase their knowledge and abilities throughout middle school as they get ready for higher-level coursework.

Senior School: The senior school at Sri Sri Academy is the top level of instruction. Here, childrens are prepared for board exams and higher study. 

 In conclusion, life at Sri Sri Academy is a transformative experience that combines academic excellence, a nurturing environment, and a holistic approach to education. One of the top 5 boarding schools in West Bengal, our dedication for students' total development makes sure that they not only achieve academic success but also develop into mature, responsible adults.